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  • Dutch oven bread and hand-mended clothing

    Dutch oven bread and hand-mended clothing

    Two things that have been bringing me joy lately are fresh loaves of bread baked in the Le Creuset Dutch oven Kaleb got me for my birthday this year, and thoughtfully hand-mending my clothing. For much of my life I prioritized quantity over quality when it came to clothing. I think moving from Arizona to… Continue reading

  • 1 year Hair-niversary

    1 year Hair-niversary

    Lil #twistoutstyle to celebrate my 1 year hair-niversary. It’s been exactly one year since I started growing my hair back out after years of weekly buzz cuts… My curls currently reach below my eyes when stretched, and my current favorite protective style is finger coils. Can’t wait to see where it is in another year! Continue reading

  • Easy 5 Ingredient Granola Recipe

    Easy 5 Ingredient Granola Recipe

    I woke up this morning 1. determined to finish this knitted denim top so I can wear it out tonight and 2. CRAVING granola for some mysterious reason. I whipped up this quick batch of Easy 5 Ingredient Granola with what I had on hand and it turned out great, so I thought I’d share… Continue reading

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