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Private Yoga Classes

4 benefits of practicing yoga one-on-one with an experienced teacher:

  • Private classes can make yoga more approachable and reduce the chance of injury for new yoga students. In my one-on-one classes, alignment cues are tailored to guide YOU into variations of postures that are safe and supportive (vs. generalized cues for a large group).
  • Group classes can be overwhelming for people who are easily overstimulated and disheartening for people who find themselves distracted by self-conscious thoughts. It can be easier to relax and focus on your own experience when you aren’t comparing yourself to others or worrying about being judged/watched.
  • Private yoga classes are a great option for experienced students who wish to delve deeper into all aspects of yoga beyond the physical postures, incorporating yoga philosophy, pranayama, and meditation practices.
  • Each session is tailored to suit your unique goals and ever-changing needs, which can be very supportive for people living with chronic conditions and physical pain.

If you are interested in scheduling virtual private yoga sessions, please click here to schedule a consultation.

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